A short letter

Dear friends and supporters,

it is pleasant to take a look at the current cinema programme – at last there are movies about remarkable women of the last century. The dancer Loïe Fuller, the double Noble Prize winner Marie Curie, the painter Paula Modersohn-Becker, the psychoanalyst Lou Andreas-Salomé; all living in times in which women could study medicine only in liberal-minded Zurich, in which they could neither vote nor sign contracts without their husband’s permission. These are, however, no feminist movies. They are carefully designed portraits showing that women go their own ways relying on their own convictions and strength. We would like to add Dr. Ita Wegman to this illustrious circle.

The producer Hartmut Schwenk by Schwenk Film has joined the project. Ita Wegman’s biography can be told from several viewpoints. In the last months it has become apparent that Schwenk and I will be able to develop a joint perspective that suits the performance on television, in the cinema as well as on festivals. We consider it possible to use all available dramaturgical and cinematic means for our movie. We plan a documentary drama, which means that several fictional scenes are integrated into the documentary narrative.

I wish a good, fulfilling time and look forward to further support and sympathy for our project.

With warm regards
Ruth Bamberg